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Animal Kororo Game Review

    If you like dilemna games, you may enjoy Pet Kororo. Similar to video games like Bejeweled and PuzzleQuest, that involves matching pairs of identical objects. You must make sure your match will create a matching pair prior to next canine appears on the screen. The overall game requires you to have touch regulates to play.

    The game features a fascinating touchscreen interface and bunnies as the main material. In order to do well, you must avoid colliding with all the other bunnies and make sure that each bunny is in the section. In case you miss, the bunnies will stop rolling and won’t be able to reach all their goal.

    Some other feature in the game can be its style. You can buy items to decorate your kororo’s home. The game also allows you to play a mode where you could set a period limit about how long you can complete a level. The next time you play, make sure you complete each level psp everybody’s stress buster in a established time.

    Author: Argensegur